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Yarra Cleaning offers a wide range of quality and reliable commercial cleaning services. If the particular service you're seeking isn't listed here, contact our friendly team.

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Whether it's regular office cleaning, carpet cleaning, construction cleaning, window washing, polishing, strip and sealing or whatever cleaning service you may need, we have trained staff available all year round.
Our satisfied clients have included a range of commercial offices, warehouses, schools, factories, homes, shops, showrooms and sports centres. We have catered for clients needing different services from a weekly sweeping to specialist cleaning every day.
Clients are able to choose not only the type of cleaning done, but how it is done. Options in steam and dry carpet cleaning, chemicals we use, paper products we buy and deodorisers we provide are just some of the choices available.
All our cleaning, described and decided at the beginning of each contract, is assured for quality by regular inspections on-site. Should you wish to change the specifications of the cleaning or speak to us mid-contract, this is never a problem.


We pride ourselves on having punctual, reliable and trust-worthy staff. If you deem it necessary, employees will undergo a police check as well as provide previous professional and character references. We understand that as well as providing a discreet and efficient service, through our staff, we are often responsible for the locking and security of your premises.
All staff are trained in the operating procedures of your alarm system. Any codes and other confidential information issued to us is treated in the utmost confidence with only the management and the supervising cleaner on duty having access to this information. In addition staff are required to wear our distinctive Yarra Cleaning Services uniform and display identification if need be.
Supervision and client communication
The quality of our service and your satisfaction is the most important indicator of our work and to ensure that you receive the most shining service and radiant results, we have a comprehensive system of job supervision.
If more than one cleaner is located at your premises, a supervising cleaner or full-time supervisor is employed to make sure that your premises always looks its best and that all security and cleaning procedures have been completed every time. If you only have one cleaner at your premises, regular inspections are carried out by an identified area supervisor or one can be requested on demand should you require additional service. In addition, an identified area manager will conduct regular inspections.
For each job, our staff are given detailed work schedules and specifications to ensure that no facet of their regular operations are skipped. Should there be any cause for emergency, the owner / manager is available 24 hours a day.

Communications Book

For minor details, we can provide a "Communications Book" to serve as a reference guide for our often after-hours cleaning staff to check on whether you have any day-to-day comments or requests.
If, for example, there should be a spill in an obscure place, by entering details of this in our Communications Book, staff will be able to act upon this as soon as they visit your premises. Staff are also required to check the Communications Book each time they visit so that you know that your requirements will always be attended to.